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A physical and psychosocial game!

Bowling has both physical and psychosocial benefits. The sport activates muscle groups that are not usually exercised. The weight of the bowling ball strengthens the muscles in the arms and makes the body burn calories. The psychosocial effects are more obvious - bowling is fun, perfect for teambuilding and the feeling that you get when you strike is nothing but awesome.

Pris - gäller per bana.

Måndag - Lördag 11:00-15:00 250kr/h/bana
Måndag - Torsdag 16:00-23:00 390kr/h/bana
Fredag - Lördag 16:00-01:00 410kr/h/bana
Pensionär - Mån-Fre 11:00-15:00 60kr/p

Ons- Fre 18-21 är bowlingbanorna i första hand reserverade för de
sällskap som även vill äta.
Resterande tider släpps dagen innan.

- 1 bowlingtimme = 55min
- Skohyra - 10 kr/person.
- Garderob - 20kr/person.
- Max 6 spelare per bana (vi rekommenderar 3-4 spelare/bana)